Goals and Objectives of the Professional Master’s course:

– To train health professionals to produce scientific knowledge that contributes to the solution of problems at different levels of care and types of health services of their professional practices.

– To enable professionals to act in health care, surveillance, prevention and health promotion actions- prioritizing the search and transmission of knowledge in the area of ​​socially useful health sciences, appropriate to the needs of the community and appropriate to the reality of the region.

– Provide a framework of research that can be applied to other health practices, giving priority to multidisciplinary activities and the solution of the real problems of the population, linked to the world of work and social demands.

Profile of egress:

Training of qualified professionals to work within the concepts of interdisciplinarity within the current context of the SUS, to detect and solve problems in their professional practice, to develop research projects that solve complex problems, to execute research and obtain results, to make valid conclusions and to divulge them, in appropriate vehicles.


Post-Graduation in Health Sciences

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