The Master’s Degree Program in Health Sciences, offered by the Department of Medicine and Nursing of the Federal University of Viçosa, was approved by CAPES in December 2015 and had its first class beginning the course in August 2016. The emphasis of the program is the generation of products that can solve problems related to the health of individuals under different perspectives, through an interdisciplinary approach. The course consists of professors from different technical areas – Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Biochemistry – with professional and research trajectories in several fields of study. Although these professors constitute distinct views of the studied phenomena, they have a convergence character, permissible so that the optics of completeness can be achieved by those who seek the insertion in the Professional Master in the area of ​​Health Sciences.

The course aims to promote the training of professionals who can contribute to better practices of health promotion, disease prevention and treatment of disease, as well as to carry out studies in an interdisciplinary and translational approach, seeking the conversion of knowledge generated from studies of prevalence, incidence, morbidity and mortality, risk factors and cellular, molecular, clinical and surgical mechanisms involved in the etiology and pathophysiology of communicable and noncommunicable diseases in effective solutions for the treatment of diseases.

The two lines of research of the course – (1) Public health and health care and (2) Pathophysiology and health rehabilitation – and the disciplines offered by the program are important elements for theoretical and practical improvement, allowing the formation of well qualified professionals to work in the labor market with better articulation between teaching, service, and community, which is essential to the improvement of the health system of the region.

The Department of Medicine and Nursing has carried out several approaches with the health services managers at the local and regional level, as a way of offering partnerships and contributing to the consolidation and improvement of the health system. The Professional Master’s Degree course in Health Sciences is part of this general context of actions, justified by the region’s difficulties in establishing policies and strategies that act in the qualified training of human resources that contribute to the network of structured care and that can also act in training of new professionals. The articulation of these issues will have a direct impact on health indicators and the quality of life of the population. The course is in line with the objectives of expansion, consolidation and qualification of SUS actions, according to guidelines of the Brazilian Ministry of Health. The proposal is in accordance with a broad pact to improve service to SUS users, which includes, among others, the improvement of the training of professionals to act in the public health policies of the country and especially in the health region in which it is inserted the UFV.


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