The Department of Medicine and Nursing has an auditorium and 3 classrooms equipped with movable school desks, white boards, a mobile multimedia projection system (data-show), Wi-Fi, and ethernet docks. They fully meet the acoustics, ventilation, lighting, cleaning, conservation and comfort requirements necessary for the development of academic and research activities. In addition to the rooms described, laboratory facilities are available, such as:

Skills Laboratory (LH)

The LH is located on the second floor of the DEM building, consisting of six training environments that allow the development of instructor-led activities based on a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These environments are multifunctional and are designed to help students practice different skills with increasing degrees of complexity. The rooms can simulate patient care scenarios, communication skills training, or other healthcare situations that require ambulatory procedures, urgent / emergency care, surgical environments, intensive care units and infirmaries.
The LH has several types of equipment, including: furniture, computers, video projectors, multimedia projectors, negatoscopes, immobilizers, hospital beds, cardiac defibrillators, multiparametric monitors, adult and pediatric simulation models for cardiopulmonary auscultation instruction, prostate examination, breast examinations, preventive harvesting, access to the upper airways, peripheral and deep venous accesses, Leopold and delivery maneuvers, BLS, ACLS, PALS, BTLS, ATLS, among other skills that may be used in the research projects of the Professional Masters Course.

Morphofunctional Laboratory (LMF)

Intended for activities related to the study of morphological and functional aspects such as human anatomy, histology, embryology and physiology, in addition to biophysics. In this laboratory, didactic and research activities are developed from anatomical pieces (bones), humid (joints, organic segments, viscera and corpses), radiological images, anatomical models, planks and histological slides.

Computer lab

This lab is composed of twenty computer stations connected to the Internet – allowing students to access publications, periodicals, as well as specific sites for the research of relevant course content and to the main scientific article databases.
Access to the Capes portal and Up to Date are also available, these combine an advanced publishing platform with the rigor of a sophisticated editorial process managed by a faculty of medical authors and publishers, leaders renowned in their fields of expertise.

Basic science laboratories:

The Postgraduate Course in Health Sciences has the following fully equipped laboratories that will support research projects:

Clinical Analysis Laboratory.

Located in the Division of Health (UFV), the Laboratory of Clinical Analysis currently has 11 employees including technicians, assistants, clerks, administrator and biochemist, working 12 hours a day. The average monthly intake is 900 patients with about 4500 exams per month. The laboratory is subdivided into the following spaces: waiting / service (25.50m²), three collection boxes (2.60 m² each), office (7.80sqm) and technical area (66.20sqm). Biochemical, immunological, uroanalytical, parasitological and hematological tests are performed. In some routines, automated equipment is used. Complementary exams are sent to Rio de Janeiro in partnership with the Sergio Franco Laboratory.

(2) Microscopy Laboratory

Located in the Department of General Biology at the Chotaro Shimoya Building, the Microscopy Laboratory is where microscopy studies will be developed.

(3) Microbiology Laboratory

Microbiological studies, such as microscopy, microbial physiology and genetics studies, isolation and identification of bacteria and fungi, virus titration, evaluation of antiseptics and disinfectants, antibiograms, asepsis and antisepsis techniques will be developed in the Department of Microbiology.

(4) Immunology Laboratory

Located in the Department of General Biology in the Chotaro Shimoya Building, the Immunology Laboratory is intended for activities related to basic and clinical immunology practices, such as: Immunogen Preparation, Laboratory Immunization, Double Immunodiffusion of Outcherlony, Single Radial Immunodiffusion, Immunoagglutination in Gout, Immunoelectrophoresis, Proof of Coombs, Molecular Assays (PCR) , Immunoenzymatic Assays and Immunofluorescences.


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