Research lines

The convergence of the two areas of emphasis proposed aims to contribute to the transfer of knowledge from one sector to another, generating new knowledge or practices that meet professional egress with a distinct profile, endowed with a solid and integrative basic training, fully prepared to leverage solutions to the various challenges faced in professional practice within Health Sciences.

1) Pathophysiology and health rehabilitation

Cellular, molecular, clinical and surgical mechanisms involved in the etiology and pathophysiology of communicable and non-communicable diseases are evaluated, with an emphasis on their usefulness in professional health practices, aiming to design more efficient treatments for the management of these diseases.

2) Public health and health care

The study of health problems of the region under the different perspectives present in public health, promoting research that may contribute to the relevant knowledge and transcendence of professional practices that aim at health promotion, disease prevention and treatment.


Post-Graduation in Health Sciences

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